The Soultwisters is workin’ with new material!

The Soultwisters is workin’ hard with new material! The Soultwisters boogalooz instrumental material is under construction in the studio and new songs with Rita Lovely are coming…

The Soultwisters boogalooz instrumentaalilevy on työn alla studiossa ja uusia biisejä syntyy Rita Lovelyn kanssa.

Stay tuned and let’s boogaloo!

Levyarvio englantilaisessa Blues and Soul Music Magazine-lehdessä

Rita Lovely & The Soultwisters – Fast Love (Jupiter) How many more great Funk albums can be released in one month? This time it’s Finland we’re visiting. Despite the population of this country being only less than half of the population of London they consitently keep pouring out a LOT of amazing music. We’ve already been introduced to the Soultwisters a couple of years back, with their authentic mid-60’s Funky Boogaloo sound, and this time are backing this great new discovery, Rita Lovely. Rita has a powerful voice and delivers with the gusto of the very best best European Funk and soul divas in the current (vintage) Funk scene. There are many standout tracks here, like the immediate dancefloor filler ”Put The Kettle On The Fire and a very groovy version of the Jazz standard Cry Me A River. It’s just all so damned good.